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Main business: research and development, production and sales of industrial vehicle lithium battery system

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Zhejiang Microlift Electric Techonolgy Co., Ltd
Lithium iron phosphate battery pack、Technical strategy
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Zhejiang MICROLIFT Electric Technology Co., Ltd. located in Zhejiang Province(about 200km from Shanghai City), focusing on Lithium Battery Material Handling Equipment’s development, design, manufacturing, sales and services.

The company is a professional supplier of integrated solutions for lithium-ion batteries, specializes in the production and manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, has the core patents and mass production based on this. The company currently has a capacity of 500 million watt-hours. 

The main products are large-capacity cylindrical lithium iron phosphate cells, NCM cells and energy solutions for various applications.The applications in the power field mainly include AGV, electric storage machinery such as forklift, etc. And the applications in the field of energy storage mainly include energy storage for communication, in (off) network, UPS backup (emergency) power supply, etc